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JBHeadshot2JB Berkow who is a world-renown artist has also owned and run many businesses. In 1976, at age twenty-six she founded the most successful cooperative gallery in the country, Touchstone Gallery in Washington, D.C., which is still going strong today. She began Frenchman’s Art Gallery and Studios in Juno Beach, Florida in 1994, and in 2004 she opened RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery located in a 3,200 square foot warehouse. It is from this location that she runs RosettaStone Corporate Art. Her artwork has been shown in museums and universities all over this country and is in the permanent collection of the Contemporary Art Collection at the Vatican in Italy. She is an unusual artist in that she has spent most of her professional life, not only promoting her own work, but also promoting the work of other talented emerging and mid-career artists.

Ms. Berkow’s ardent desire is to educate the public at large about the importance of art in our everyday lives and to show how a community can benefit by investing in the arts. She believes that the government has fallen short in providing the necessary funds to make this happen. Thus, five years ago she started a corporate art consulting division to augment her existing gallery business. To that end, she has spent years building an impressive stable of artists from all over the world who specialize in large and dramatic public artworks. She is trying to educate companies about extending their existing branding with what she terms creative aesthetic branding that will further enhance their company’s image in the community as well as have a positive reinforcement on their employees, business partners, and customers. She believes in this way corporate America will fill in the gap that the American government has left behind.

She has recently initiated a 501-c3 foundation called the “Living Art Foundation Fund,” which will augment her education efforts by funding public art projects, scholarships, and eventually an arts complex that will house a world-class foundry, stone carving studio, glass-blowing facility, a sculpture and plein-air-painting park, and a three story museum strictly reserved for showing living artists. Ms. Berkow is also a published author of three books, “Shades of Love,” “What They Didn’t Teach You In Art School” and “Painted Poetry.”

Arletta P.(Pech)
Lovett, TX

This is the best book on the subject of art promotion on the market

Maria Karkmi

Thank you so Much for last Sunday’s talk, for your openness. I had a Mini-art-epiphany when you said stop experimenting—the word experiment! I am recently back to painting after a long absence. That is exactly what I have been doing this last year. And now, it’s time to stop experimenting. I am full of energy and direction now. Thank you!

Susan Saladino
Wellington, FL

I have been in the business of selling art for many, many years and thought I knew quite a bit, but I have honestly learned so much from reading your book that I will highly recommend it to anyone who is in the business of selling their own artwork.

Jane Jones
Arvada, CO

I teach at two state colleges and an art school and am appalled at the lack of business information that students receive. For the amount of money that they pay, it is really shameful. I have often thought that I would have eventually figured out all of the technical information about painting on my own, and wished that I had gotten a degree in business and marketing instead of the art degrees. I will be recommending your book to LOTS of students and am going to ask the art dept. at one of the colleges to order it. Thank you SO MUCH for writing it!

Lucy M. F. Keshavarz
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I have been meaning to write for a week now to thank you for inviting us to your gallery and sharing your words of wisdom. The space is great as well as the artwork – I hope you do so well that you are forced to triple your space! I’m enjoying your book (your mom’s advice was right on in sooo many ways) and have thought of many people that should read it.

Barney Davey

I recently traded books with JoAnne Berkow. She wrote and self-published, “What They Didn’t Teach You In Art School.” It’s a wonderful book full of practical advice from a very successful artist. She has worked with publishers, self-published her own prints, runs a gallery, just about done it all, and quite successfully, I might add. Her ideas on pricing are as good as any I’ve read. She tells the truth about tradeshows, advertising, publishing and more. She gives advice on getting work photographed or doing it yourself and more and more topics every artist ought to know about. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Jeanne Dawson
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Want to thank you for the signed copy of your book that you sent up to Maine with Susan. It even kept me up one night…It is very readable, a marvelous reference, and full of right on insight and practical information. When I get back from my summer here, I plan to share it with some friends involved in the Broward Art Guild, and see if I can get it out there with them. Also want to order three copies right now for artist friends.

Carol Staub
Port St. Lucie, FL

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed your book "What They Didn't Teach You In Art School." It is extremely well written and packed with information that every artist needs to know. It is a welcome addition to my library and a book that I will reference often. It is now on my recommendation list and will be mentioned as one of my favorites to all my students. Bravo!

Clemente Mimun
West Palm Beach, FL

Pertinent, refreshing and honest, well written and easy reading, this book is a step by step guide to artists of all mediums. It answers most questions that confront and afflict artists today. It is regrettable but truthful that artists must spend most of their time promoting and socializing at the detriment of creativity. A must read.

Nina Fusco
Jupiter, FL

JB Berkow paves the path to success with invaluable insight on your road to becoming a professional artist.

Sam Potthoff
Hobe Sound, FL

I can’t thank you enough for your superb book "What They Didn’t Teach You in Art School." When I read early on (page 5) “…because we have to…” I realized that you know, you understand. Not only do you understand, you face issues confronting all of us unflinchingly and realistically. This really is material never covered in any art school and it is invaluable information (and support) for any serious artist. I have recommended the book many times but will not lend it out, it is too important a reference for me.



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