Volker Kuhn

Volker Kühn’s object art avails itself of this tradition of boxed and framed in-the-round representation while drawing on the surrealist inventory of surprising juxtapositions, where relationships could be established between such disparate entities as skulls and grand pianos, where accepted reality was modified to make watches droop or locomotives come thundering silently out of the fireplace. With a lightness of touch not usually associated with German artists, Kühn makes compelling statements about the human predicament that are strangely free of irony and didacticism. His surrealistic freeze-frames could be described as ”visual pun” which, like the rebus, intrigue the viewers and reward them with the joy of solving a riddle. The etymology of the word ”object” as ”something thrown in front or put forward” is an invitation for us to register and address it intellectually. The act of recognition, the solving of the conundrum, manifests itself in liberating laughter, or at least a complicit smile.