Kate McCavitt

Kate McCavitt is an Asian informed Mixed Media Abstract Painter. In her work, East meets West in the fusion of contemporary experimental water media and ancient Asian brush work influences. Kate truly creates her original art ”Between Two Worlds”. Trained as a Sumie artist, often called ”Chinese Brush”, and self-taught in other genres, Kate lavishes all of her colorful, textured abstract paintings with the subtleties of Asian tradition. Rich layers of fluid acrylics, gloss mediums and metallic gesso capture between them both the random events of experimental techniques, and ancient icons of Zen Circles, delicate chrysanthemum, circling yin/yang figures, and representational foil spheres hand embossed by the artist.

Up until age 40, all my art was practical. Today I look at the delicate crochet work my grandmother did, and I see exquisite art and pattern. I want to use it as a stencil for powdered gold against rich purple. Maybe this IS where my inspiration came from to do embossed foil spheres. All of my art is born of this attention and an awareness that everything in the world is immediately available for me to witness and that allows me to find the extraordinary. My inspiration is the infinite and the infinitesimal and mostly the Ordinary. How lucky we are to know they are all one and the same.
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