Kashley is an artist known for his highly detailed paintings. In his current ‘Cocktail Series’ he creates stunning images of crystal, blazing fire, moving liquids, glowing metals, all juxtaposed in a dazzeling prospective that makes his inanimate objects come to life. There is nothing still about this artist’s still lifes! With his trademark realism he has the remarkable ability of setting a mood through the narative that he sets down on his canvases. After exhibiting in a number of local and regional exhibitions, Kashley put together a portfolio to begin marketing his artwork in earnest. With a lot of positive feedback he gained from this exposure, he refined his style and as a result his talent for realistic cocktail still life emerged and his art career soon took hold. Now he is in a number of galleries across the country.

About Kashley’s Embellished Limited Edition Prints: The same care and attention to detail that Kashley brings to creating his originals he also brings to producing his prints. He takes a lot of care with the embellishing in order to bring out the reflections and high lights in his images. They are truly jewel-like in appearance when he is finished with them.
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