Eric Christensen

Wine artist, Eric Christensen began painting professionally in 1992. Since that time he has enjoyed amazing success and a growing reputation as a celebrated Wine Country Artist. Self-taught, he developed a watercolor technique that allows him to create images of vibrant color and near photo-like quality. Eric Christensen now finds himself unique in his field. In fact, he is the only known artist capable of hyperrealism through the use of standard watercolor paint. Christensen began to develop his interest in painting, as well as botany, classical music, and gourmet cooking as a child in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over time he has acquired a commanding knowledge in each of these fields, which has blended to make him the preeminent artist of today. In addition to his interests, Eric Christensen also derives inspiration from his home furnishings and his extensive gardens, both of which are invariably portrayed in his paintings. Once he realized that he could concentrate his passion for painting into a career, Christensen began to devote his full attention to painting. Eric Christensen paints stunning images that remind us of the Wine Country lifestyle and delight those who collect his art. Eric’s paintings appeal to a wide range of artistic tastes. His very popular ”wine art” for example might contain wine crates, wine bottles, or a cork puller, as well as what he calls, ”organics” like a bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fresh vegetables or bread.
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