Dorothy Starbuck

Dorothy Starbuck was born and raised in Miami, Florida where she developed a love and passion for painting the natural splendor of her beloved tropical state. She has been most influenced by artist and instructor, Dave Herbert, and historical artisit, Graham Ingles. Her paintings mirror the beauty, color, and tranquility in the hundreds of tropical landscapes unique to Florida. Dorothy’s works of art portray an exceptional talent in painting as well as preserving the images of Florida’s diverse and dwindling, unique, natural features. These range from Atlantic and Gulf beaches and sand dunes to lakes, rivers, springs, marshlands, swamps, hammocks, mangroves, forests, and pastures. Her use of colors and textures is precise and vivid. Her style conveys the calmness and serenity she feels while sketching or taking photographs in the field. Her powers of direct observation, pursuit of excellence, and ability to capture the nuances of color, light, and shadow give her oil paintings an authentic feel.
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