Carlos Torres

”My artwork is a way of communicating the silence that is inside each of us,

filling the world with peace and harmony.

This Colombian-born artist gained a unique perspective on the energy and spirituality of the human condition while studying as an anthropology student at Universidad Nacional Bogota, where he ultimately redirected his ambitions and graduated with a Degree in Art, becoming a Master Painter.

It is this unique background and his intimate exposure to the artifacts of the ancients that inspire Carlos’ unique use of textures and warm earth-tones in his works. The energetic magnetism that is so obvious in each piece cannot help but evoke an emotional response from the viewer, a sense of spirituality from deep within, perhaps even the same type of spiritual feeling that Carlos himself experienced at dig sites in his native Colombia as a student.

Having had one-man showings in such diverse localities as Mexico City and Torreon, Mexico; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Milan, Italy; San Francisco and Santa Monica, California; and Atlanta, Georgia; Torres has settled on the United States as his portal to the world.

Among the distinguished collection in which the works of Carlos Torres can be found:

Latin American Art Museum Long Beach, California, USA

Bogota Modern Art Museum Bogota, Colombia

Yves Jeannet Collection Mexico

Steve Dabrosky Collection Mexico

Werner Wagenman Germany

Cecil de Ave Collection Mexico

Leo Kats Collection Colombia
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