Ana Lazovsky

Ana was born in Uruguay and emigrated to Israel in 1962, where she lives up to this day. There she studied ceramic sculpture, first at the Arts and Crafts School, and afterwards at renown workshops. She sculpted for many years as a hobby, and for the past nine years she’s completely dedicated to professional sculpture, mainly in bronze. She works in two parallel styles, one stylized semi-figurative and one abstract, both converging in her use of fluid, clean and harmonious lines. Her figurative sculptures are somewhat distorted in their proportions, emphasizing voluptuosity and femininity, and expressing a wide variety of feelings: love, delight, togetherness, tenderness, joy of life, strength and pride. Their daring expression of sensuality shows in a rare, charming way. Her abstract style is minimalistic with a certain Art Nouveau flair, and a good sense of balanced composition. Ana’s sculptures are exhibited in several galleries in Paris, Holland, Belgium, Spain, South Korea, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Australia and Israel, and are found at private collections all over the world.
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