A Hidden Gem in Lake Worth

Recently avid fan, Dr. Bill Sherer, visited my new nonprofit down in the City of Lake Worth.   He posted a really powerful 5-star review on Yelp.  I created Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts to serve people just like him, so it was especially gratifying to see such a glowing testimonial.

Bill's Floopy Bowl

Dr. Sherer’s Finished Floppy Bowl

The following is an excerpt from his Yelp review:This is a hidden artistic gem that I discovered in Lake Worth where I was able to actively participate in the art of glass blowing and sculpting and I was completely blown away (no pun intended). Benzaiten is the Japanese Goddess who represents all things flowing i.e., love, knowledge, music, the river and in our case hot molten glass and bronze.

Getting the Shape Right

Getting the Shape Right

I have been fascinated with the artistry of glassworks my whole life and always stop and watch a glass artist work when I have the rare chance to see them (such as in Italy) and never thought that I would be able to participate in a working glass studio in Palm Beach, but I am now glad to report that this gallery, studio, and workshop is available for the public.

Overall, this was an fascinating and wonderful experience for me and I highly recommend the experience for anyone that is remotely interest in glassworks. If you just want to visit the gallery (lots of items are for sale) and watch a artist work, you can do that anytime and you should probably call before dropping by.

To see more pictures of Dr. Sherer’s work in progress and to read his entire review please go to the complete posting at:  http://www.yelp.com/biz/benzaiten-center-for-creative-arts-lake-worth


Gallery Hours

Gallery Operating Hours:
Tuesday through Friday 11am to 3pm
By Appointment:
Please call or text John Beers, Gallery Director
Or email [email protected]


1001 Jupiter Park Drive,
Suites 121 & 122
Jupiter, Florida 33458
Phone: (561)743-3340
Email: [email protected]


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